About Us

Noma Assembly As It Stands Today

Noma Assembly was originally on Lot 1, Block U of Noma, Florida in 1926, when Pastor Howard Trawick applied to the West Florida District Council in Marianna, Florida.


The first services were held in an upainted, rectangular frame building, with nothing more than a tower and bell. This building was purchased from the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1926 and used for services until 1935. It was razed and an updated building was erected the same year.


In 2002, we designed and build the current brick building that stands today at 1062 Tindell Street in Noma.


In 2013, Pastor Daryl Messer joined us with his family and assisted in several new campaigns and fund raisers in and around the community of Noma.


Some of these include the Calvery's Carnival, our Valentine's Day Steak Fund Raiser, the Youth Fish Fry, and the Easter Son-Rise Services and community Easter Egg Hunt (a joint effort with Noma Baptist Church).


We also have community wide Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners each year.