Outreach Ministry

Noma Assembly works in coordination with several outreach and missions groups, including local, national, and international ministries. As we do not have an actual "Missions Team", our congregation works as a whole to support these ministries.



Local Missions

  • Food Distribution - Periodically we assist those in need with our "Gift Basket"; a laundry basket (to keep) filled with food and necessities for home and family. These are handed our to all areas inside and outside of our direct community.
  • School Outreach - Twice monthly we supply several children in our local area with "Mana Packs"; a backpack filled with a variety of self serve snacks, lunches and small serving items, as well as small items they may not have, such as toothbrushes or hand sanitizer.


National Missions

  • Church Planters Missionaries - Church planting is a process that results in a new Christian church being established. It should be distinguished from church development, where a new service, new worship center or fresh expression is created that is integrated into an already established congregation. Noma Assembly is pleased to support Tim and Beverly Buchholtz as our Church planters. You can find more information on their websites Transforming Ministries or Transforming Life Church.
  • Convoy of Hope: Rural Compassion - We resource, empower and partner with rural churches through training, mentoring and coaching so they can enhance their presence in, and help strengthen, their communities. Rural Compassion depends on partnerships with community leaders, local organizations and churches in rural communities to reach out to those less fortunate.


International Missions

  • Convoy of Hope - For the last 3 years, our pastor has traveled to the small island of Haiti with Convoy of Hope, which was founded in 1994 by the Donaldson family. Their inspiration for starting the organization can be traced back to the many people who helped their family after their father, Harold, was killed by a drunk driver in 1969. Today, more than 79 million people have been served throughout the world by Convoy of Hope. They work through churches, businesses, government agencies and other nonprofits to provide help and hope to those who are impoverished, hungry and hurting.